Diesel Particulate Filter System - Cleaning Instead of Replacing

When the diesel particulate filter reaches its maximum degree of filling, the ECU (electronic control unit) automatically starts the filter regeneration program: more diesel fuel is injected and the exhaust gas temperature increases. These high exhaust gas temperatures usually burn away the soot particles. But when diesel vehicles are used for short distance trips the diesel particulate filter does not always reach temperatures high enough to burn the accumulated soot particles. The result : The filter gets clogged.

But there is a solution from LIQUI MOLY !
With the specially developed diesel particulate filter cleaning set the filter can be cleaned in a fast and economical manner without replacing the filter. The only things you need to clean the filter is our Pro Line DPF CLEANER Fluid and our Pro Line DPF Flushing liquid to use in the Cavity Compressed Air Can Gun.

cavity compressed air can

This is how it works
Depending on the type of vehicle create access to the exhaust system in front of the particulate filter system. Usually the temperature sensor or the pressure sensor has to be removed. Through the opening you insert the appropriate spray probe. The complete cleaning fluid (1 liter) is sprayed in several intervals of 5 – 10 seconds into the filter system directly on the surface of the filter. To reach every point of the filter surface move the probe during spraying up and down and sideways.

After this flush the filter with 500 ml of Flushing liquid. The application is the same as with the cleaning

By means of the cleaning process the soot is softened and dispersed in the filter, so it can be burned away by the vehicle’s filter regeneration program which has to be started straight after the cleaning with vehicle’s onboard diagnosis system.

liqui moly cleaning dpf

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